A while back, Q-106.5's mid-day personality, Cindy Campbell, had the joy of interviewing an up and coming country star by the name of Lexi James. It's always fun and a honor for us to brag about incredible talent that hails from New England.

From a small town in Massachusetts (yes, she says 'wicked' and loves the Bruins), Lexi lights up the stage with her powerful vocals and fiery red hair.  She sings with attitude and emotion that really draws you in to the story. And although she appears to have a strong, 'look-out-I'm-here' personality, she claims she has a pretty shy side, too. Actually, I can hear the introverted side of Lexi in her ballad, 'I Wonder,' off her 'Lexi James' album.

And no great singer would be complete without a killer band. 'Kryer Creek' backs Lexi up with a musical skill that you'd only find in a country music mecca like Nashville. They are solid.

I highly recommend you pick up her album from Amazon: Lexi James. There are some cuts I guarantee you'll play over and over again. If you're like me, you'll wonder why Lexi and Kryer Creek aren't in the Top 40 on a regular basis. They should be. They are that good.

We wish her well, and hope she'll stop in again when she's in the area. In the meantime, check out her song, 'This Is My Time,' performed live with Kryer Creek.