Scary dashcam video shows an impaired driver nearly hit an Old Town Police officer head-on.

Old Town Police have released dashcam video of an intoxicated driver nearly hitting a police cruiser head-on. Police say the incident occurred on Center Street. The video shows a driver veering into the oncoming lane, which causes Officer Brasslett to move into the opposite lane to avoid a head-on collision.

A traffic stop was initiated, and a field sobriety test was administered. The driver was subsequently arrested for operating under the influence.

Back in October, an impaired driver narrowly missed hitting a York Police officer. According to the York Police Department, the accident took place during a recent traffic stop for an illegally attached plate. While a tow truck was preparing to tow a vehicle from the side of the road, a driver failed to move over, nearly hitting an officer.

The officer then sprints to his cruiser to chase down the vehicle. Police say, "The driver of the vehicle was subsequently arrested for OUI and cited for improper passing an emergency vehicle using lights $326."

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