I caught a post from the Maine Forest Rangers Facebook page, that I found interesting. Mostly because it's something that never occurred to me. But they're reminding folks that, as tempting as it may be, if you're driving by a random farm, it's totally against the law to stop and pick anything without permission.

It might be tempting if you're cruising Downeast to stop by a blueberry field and help yourself to some berries. But don't do it! Rangers are very much on the lookout for this kind of activity, and you could end up in some pretty hot water.

Farmers have it tough enough already. Especially here in Maine. We have a notoriously short growing season, and then they also have to defend themselves against pests, animals, and diseased crops. They shouldn't have to be shooing you off the property from stealing the literal fruits of their hard work.

Just remember... It's Maine in summertime. Blueberries or fresh produce aren't hard to come by. And chances are, that farm you're about to snag some snacks from, probably sells them right there on their property. So just go give them the few bucks it might cost you. They've earned it!

Maine farmers work wicked hard, and taking food out of their mouths to put in your own, is just totally wrong. Stealing is stealing, and Maine farmers aren't some giant rich corporation to screw over. And they don't grow stuff for free, out of the goodness of their hearts. So pony up the dough, mista!