Bucksport Police say a couple of hunters encountered a woman matching the description of Aza Jerome.

UPDATE: Aza Jerome has been found and is safe.

The 56-year-old woman hasn't been seen since walking away from her Town Farm Road home on Monday, November 11th. Now, Bucksport Police say that two hunters think they saw her. And not only saw her, but spoke to her. The hunters were in Orland, in the area of Great Pond Mountain, when they came across a woman matching the description of Aza Jerome. They had a brief conversation before the woman left the area on foot.

Several law enforcement agencies responded and searched the area, but the woman was never found. Police say Aza is Ukranian, does not speak English fluently, and could be hesitant, if approached.

On the day Jerome disappeared, there was a fire at her house. Her husband, Timothy Jerome was arrested for allegedly failing to comply with what the police asked of him, after the fire.

If anyone in the Bucksport/Orland area has contact with Aza, they're asked to contact their local police.

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