A trailer filled with hundreds of holiday wreaths was stolen from a farm store in the town of Alfred.

The Grinch visited the Gile's Family Farm sometime between 6 o'clock Friday night and 7 o'clock Saturday morning and stole a trailer full of wreaths. The trailer contained more than 200 of the wreaths and was sitting behind the Alfred business.

Owner Frank Boucher says the staff had intended to unload the trailer full of wreaths on Saturday morning but it was gone when they arrived. He had purchased the wreaths, worth about $5,000, to use as a supplement to the ones made there at the Farm.

He says he believes the thieves intentionally targeted the wreaths because there were more expensive trailers nearby that weren't touched. Boucher says the Farm has no surveillance, but that will be coming soon. He said he's hoping to get the trailer back but doesn't expect to ever see the wreaths again, even though he can't imagine why anyone would take that many.

Still, he says, the festive atmosphere at the Giles Family Farm remains.