The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is offering tips on how to safely share the road with Maine's Amish community.

It's not only in Lincoln County where you'll find Amish residents. Unity is another community where it's not unusual to see a horse and buggy traveling along the road. In this day of faster cars and bigger trucks, the vehicles can seem quaint. But they can also become dangerous for all involved, if not shown the proper respect. Horses can get spooked and buggies don't have airbags.

So, the good folks at the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office decided to post some suggestions on how to safely travel on the same roads as the horses and buggies. Keep these in mind the next time you see one of those pretty black buggies on the road with you.

How to Share the Road with an Amish Horse and Buggy

Safely traveling in a community with an Amish population is a matter of remembering a few, quick tips to avoid a collision with a horse and buggy.

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