Many years ago I traveled a lot for a school that I worked for, which of course meant countless hotel rooms. One morning as I was walking to the checkout desk, I heard a singing voice coming from one of the rooms. Because of the echo, I surmised it was the bathroom. As I got closer it was obvious that a lady was singing "Amazing Grace" at the top of her lungs. The song has always been amazing, but so wasn't she.

We've all done it at one time or another--sung in the bathroom. There's something about the slight echo and reverb of that personal room that brings out the fullness of the sound of your voice--good, bad, or otherwise. It's also a space that's super personal, a place, at least for a short time, that's all yours--a time you can cut loose with your favorite song.

I found a video of Emi Pelligrino singing an old gospel favorite that she sung in Carrie Underwood fashion. It's obvious that she found the right key on a Karaoke track.

Watch the video. You'll wonder how many other great voices that will never make it beyond that little place.