Scotty McCreery is once again the retired super-champ, so we start over this week with the leaders of two hit bands - Zac Brown and Mike Eli. Vote now!

Last week, Scotty McCreery successfully took the super-champ title back, defeating Chris Young with 63% of the votes. It was an amazing week, with over 87,000 votes cast. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great hunk poll! Scotty will now go into semi-retirement and wait for someone to win 5 weeks in a row. If they can do that, they get a chance to face off against Scotty for the super-title.

This week, we thought we'd do something a little different and face two of Nashville's hottest lead singers against each other. Zac Brown had undergone a big makeover in recent months, getting fit and trading in the beanie hat for a wide-brim. He's turning heads, for sure, and steaming up the photo sessions to go along with their hot hits!

Mike Eli is another hottie heading up a band that bears his name. Well..his last name and bandmate James Young's last name. He decided against wearing any sort of hat and, instead, lets us see his handsome face. Mike's a passionate singer who always seems to be having a lot of fun on stage.

So, who do you think is hotter, Zac or Mike? Remember, you can vote repeatedly, all week long.

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