It's Hot Hunk Monday, and Tim McGraw is moving forward to face this week's new opponent, Zac Brown. Vote now!

It was a close race last week, with Tim McGraw defeating Kenny Chesney, but only taking 56% of the votes. Not what you'd call a landslide! But, no matter, a win is a win. I thought that competition could go either way, but Tim pulled it out at the end. And with his fit physique and winning smile, it's not surprising.

This week, he takes on a man who's gone through quite a transformation in the past few years. Zac Brown went from being a somewhat ordinary-looking guy in a watch cap to suddenly emerging as a buff hunk in tight t-shirts! Women have definitely taken notice.

But who's the sexier of the two? Well, that's up to you. Remember, you can vote repeatedly all week long. We'll reveal the winner and face them off against a new opponent next week on Hot Hunk Monday!

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