Scotty McCreery continues with our Hot Hunk Poll, this week taking on Dierks Bentley as an opponent. Vote now!

Scotty McCreery has proven, over and over again on this poll, that he's a hot guy! He's grown into those boyish good looks and has proven himself to be a sexy contender who's tough to beat.

This week, Dierks Bentley takes on the challenge, daring to go up against a former Super-Champ of the Hunk poll. Whether you prefer his hair short and tidy or longer and wildly curly, you have to admit, he's a heartbreaker. And, since we're giving away a trip to the ACM Awards, and Dierks is one of the hosts, it seemed like the right time to put him in the poll.

So, who do you think is sexier? Remember, you can vote repeatedly, all week long. We'll reveal the winner next week and pit them against a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!

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