It's Hot Hunk Monday and Keith Urban has held onto his title, so this week he takes on new opponent, Brantley Gilbert. Vote for your favorite now!

Keith Urban has proven very tough to beat on this poll but it has been done! He has a huge audience of loyal fans who like to see their guy on top! And with his looks and talent, who can blame them? But there's one guy who may be able to take that title away this week.

Brantley Gilbert always reminds me of that guy we all knew in school. You know the one, who had the tough-guy exterior, with tattoos, facial hair, and a bad-boy way of presenting himself. But you look in those soulful eyes, and you can see the sweet guy beneath the image. Add in the fact that he's bringing his tour to the Bangor Waterfront in September, and he's a pretty popular guy around here right now!

But is he popular enough to defeat Keith? That's up to you! Remember, you can vote repeatedly, all week long. We'll reveal the winner next week and pit them against another opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!

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