The Hot Hunk Monday poll took last week off, but we're back this week, pitting Eric Church against Jon Pardi. Vote now!

It seemed frivolous last Monday to put up a hunk poll after the shootings in Las Vegas, so we took the week off. But, as Jason Aldean said in the opening to Saturday Night Live, 'We won't back down.' Life goes on, so we're back this week to enjoy the hunks of Country Music once again.

Our two hotties this week are Eric Church and Jon Pardi, both very talented and attractive guys with somewhat different images. Eric is all aviator sunglasses bad boy while Jon is more like a traditional cowboy. So, it could come down to the image, the music, or just which one you think is cuter!

Remember, you can vote repeatedly, all week long. We'll reveal the winner next week and pit them against a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!

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