Chris Young has won five Hot Hunk Monday polls in a row, so that means now he takes on our semi-retired super-champ, Keith Urban. Vote now!

The Tennessee native released a song called 'You're Gonna Love Me' in 2006, and he was right! Chris has had a huge turnout of fans voting for him, and keeping him at the top of the Hot Hunk list for over a month. He's beat out some veteran winners on this poll, and just keeps going. So now he faces his toughest challenge yet in Keith Urban!

If you're new to the poll, let me explain the whole super-champ thing. Keith Urban went through a period where he was just undefeated. I couldn't get him knocked off the poll. So we put him in semi-retirement and said that we'd bring him out to face-off against anyone who wins five polls in a row. If they win, they're the new super-champ, but if they lose, Keith goes back into a 'holding pattern' until the next 5-time winner. Only one artist has knocked him out of that position, and that was Scotty McCreery, who held the title for quite a while until Keith took it back.

Now, Keith's going to try and hold onto the super-champ distinction against Chris Young. Can he do it? Or will Chris be the latest artist to hold the top crown? That's up to you! Remember, you can vote repeatedly, all week long. We'll reveal the winner and start over with two new opponents on Hot Hunk Monday!

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