It's Hot Hunk Monday and Billy Currington takes on Darius Rucker, who hasn't made an appearance here in a while. Vote now!

Billy Currington foiled Chris Lane's attempt to take on the super-champ when he took away what would have been Lane's fifth victory in a row. The colorful Currington has that bad-boy-next-door thing going for him, with his killer blue eyes and stubble, and all that crazy curly hair.

This week, he faces off against the man formerly known as Hootie. Darius Rucker successfully made the transition from pop to Country, a feat that many have failed to achieve. He has such a beautiful smile and warm eyes that just pull you in. Add in that amazing voice and his electric stage presence and he's hard to resist!

So, who do you think is the Hotter Country Hunk this week? Remember, you can vote repeatedly, all week long. We'll reveal the winner next week and pit them against a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!

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