I know, October is over. But Jim and I watched this movie on Netflix last night, on Halloween, so it counts! Besides, I wanted to tell you about this movie because we really loved it. If you're into horror/thrillers that unfold slowly, then this is the movie for you. 'The Frozen' tells the story of a couple who get stranded while camping in a wintry forest.

Things just keep going wrong for this couple. First, they argue over the fact that he has dragged her to this frozen wasteland on vacation and he doesn't even know how to set up the tent. Then they crash their snowmobile. When they try to return to their truck, they realize that someone has taken their ribbon markers from the trees. And who is that guy with the rifle that keeps showing up and watching them?

Like I said, the movie unfolds slowly, so if you're looking for a movie that will have you screaming, this is not it. But it's decently acted, and you really get involved in this couple's dilemma and find yourself rooting for them, fearing for them, and maybe even yelling at them when they make stupid mistakes. We absolutely loved it!