No disrespect for winter weather fans.  When in Maine in the winter, it’s time for outdoor activities.  Whether it’s snowmobiling, snow shoeing, skiing, or on the ice.  Skating or fishing. Even winter biking. And to a lot of Mainers they couldn’t live without those great winter outdoor events.

However, with Saturday being the first day of Spring, and add Sunday and wow what a weekend for weather.

We all know just because the calendar says spring doesn’t mean there is not more winter on the horizon, but it is hard to not get excited with such great weather over the weekend.

Spring has sprung.

Although it never lasts long enough.

Seems we go from 35 to 75 on the thermometer within just a few weeks. Which I guess is easier to adapt to than 75 to 35.

But here it is spring once again, and hope springs eternal. That expression was coined by the poet Alexander Pope in An Essay on Man from 1732. Hope springs eternal meaning keep on hoping against all odds.

Especially this year. So much to be hopeful for. The vaccine has given our country hope for a return to whatever normal is going to be.  Even if first it’s just getting outside for a walk in the woods, or a drive in the country, or a cook-out in the backyard.

And in Shawshank Redemption Red Redding sat under that giant tree in a hayfield in Buxton, Maine and read the letter from his friend Andy Dufresne:
Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing,
maybe the best of things, and no good
thing ever dies.

Happy Spring.


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