We like cows. Always have, and always will.

They're furry and they're cute. They don't bite, and they seem interested in what you have to say.

In some areas of the world cows are sacred, and we can see why.

We saw this pretty cool photo on Facebook today posted by the police department in the town of Fairfield, which is just outside of Waterville. It was taken by Public Works Director Bruce Williams earlier today as the sun was rising.

It shows Fairfield police officer Hill causally holding onto a Hereford on the Ohio Hill Road who presumably went for an early morning walk on the other side of the fence. He has a big smile on his face.  Not the cow, but Officer Hill.

See, cows are cool. They make one smile.

Have you ever seen cows let out of a barn after spending the winter inside?  It's a joyous occasion, and should make you appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer us.  Watch the video below starting at about 4:30 into it, and it will make you smile.

Cows are also amused by us, and can you blame them.  They live a pretty sedate life.  They eat, and then they're milked.  Then, they eat again, and are milked again.  Then, they sleep.  So, when any sort of entertainment arises, cows take notice, and enjoy taking it all in.

The cow on the run that Officer Hill collared this morning made us forget for a few moments that there still isn't any tomato and rice soup on the shelves at the local grocery store.  If only for one brief moment this bovine that was on the run took our worries away.

Thanks for that.

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