I started noticing a fluttering robin at my home a few days ago.  She seemed to be gathering materials and chose a quiet, still eve of my house to start building a nest.  I am surprised that she chose a space that I frequent throughout the day but I do have a sense of staying away as not to spook her and have her build a new nest somewhere else.

It makes me excited and honored that she feels my home's eve is a safe place and I want to be able to provide that safety and security for her.  Now, her partner is around and they are working on collecting nest building materials together and hover in the trees above when they want a break or to sleep.

I did notice the oddity of two nests being built at the same time so I had to look up why which led me to a few pointers for other folks in my position in which a robin family has decided a structure on my property is the perfect place to start the next generation.

So, what if the nest falls down?  What if the babies fall out?  What ifs and what-do-I-dos abound. I found some information across the internet and found the Seattle Audubon Society had some great information on nesting Robins and All About Birds.org had some great general bird information as well.

So, here's what to know if you have a new robin family who's built a home on or around your home.

Things to Know If A Robin Nests Near Your Home

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