Q106.5 wants you to win $1,000 cash. We're giving you Workday Payday code words at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m. weekdays.

We started on Monday. On Tuesday at 4 p;m., the code word was Towel. Barbara G. of Bangor heard the code word and entered it with the Q106.5 app. She won a $1,000. Here's what it sounds like to win $1,000.

Every time you enter a code word, that's also an entry to win $10,000. That draw will happen at the end of the contest.

Between now and then, you have three chances to win $1,000 every weekday and be like Barbara. Listen for those code words at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m.

It can happen to you!  We do have local winners in our national contests. My self-quarantining fingers are crossed for you.

Good luck and though all this, a big thank you for listening to Q106.5!

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