Nothing upset me more this fall, than missing the Charlie Brown Halloween special. I did not get to re-live childhood memories, and commiserate with Linus when the Great Pumpkin is a no-show. So after a bit of detective work, I cruised the internet to make sure that I could take steps to not miss my favorite Christmas specials.

After the traumatic loss of Charlie Brown, I tried to find all the Christmas stuff online, and I did ok. The night before Thanksgiving, you can catch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on ABC at 8:00p.m. December 5th, A Charlie Brown Christmas airs, and on the 26th, there will be a Charlie Brown New Year's special too.

I found this article here, that lists all the CBS ones, like Frosty the Snowman, and Frosty Returns. As well as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.this year, they're kicking off the day after Thanksgiving, so we're getting right down to business. But December 14th seems to be the big night, where Rudolph and both version of Frosty will be shown back to back to back.

When I'm not watching any of these things, my wife is famous for turning it over to the Hallmark channel, so she can nerd out on all the Christmas soap opera movies. You know exactly which ones I'm talking about. Although, will there be new ones now that Aunt Becky from Full House is in jail?!

So, get yourself ready for a wild ride of holiday TV shows. It only happens once a year, and you might as well enjoy it. Drink some cocoa, or coffee brandy, or whatever your favorite holiday libation is, and go on a massive holiday TV binge. No one will judge. They'll just pat you on the back and tell you it was time well spent.

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