Since it's the holiday season, it seems like everyone is trying to find their way into your wallet. In most cases, it's just big box stores trying to convince you to spend, spend, spend. But Literacy Volunteers of Bangor is definitely a worthwhile program that deserves all the help it can get.

They're celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, of helping adults in the Bangor area with their struggles with reading. Whether it's learning to read for the first time, or learning to read better, they've been essential to the Bangor area in helping to overcome illiteracy.

Now, while you're doing some of your Christmas shopping on Amazon, you can help them out! If you go to, you can add things right to their cart, and it will be delivered directly to them. You just get to sit there on the couch in your pj's and help one of the longer-running non profit organizations in the Bangor area.

So let the Christmas spirit start in your fingertips, and work its way down to your keyboard. Trust me....they appreciate anything you can do to help them. Maybe it's time to donate the humbugs away?!

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