Hardy knows exactly what he's in for in his new single, "Boots." The songwriter-turned-artist (full name: Michael Hardy) finds himself at the end of the line in a relationship — so much so that he went to bed fully prepared for the fallout.

Written by Hardy with David Garcia and Hillary Lindsey, "Boots" tells the story of a couple ready to call it quits: She's had enough, and he knows it. His suitcase is packed and by the door, and he's ready to walk.

"I woke up in my boots this mornin' / Fell asleep in my boots last night / Had a feeling that I'd run out of warnings / Girl, I couldn't have been more right," Hardy sings in the chorus. "And I knew I wouldn't have to take the time puttin' 'em back on when I'm sober / Yeah, I knew you'd be pissed off, over me, and I'd just be hungover ... Knew I'd need 'em come the daylight, so I didn't even take 'em off."

Sonically, "Boots" is far from what country fans have come to expect from Hardy, the artist behind "Rednecker" and "One Beer" and a songwriter on Morgan Wallen's hit "Up Down" and Blake Shelton's smash "God's Country." Featuring searing guitars and a grandiose melody, the song leans more toward hard rock and even grunge, though there are a few familiar touches from producer Joey Moi (Derek Wells co-produced).

Hardy has released three projects as an artist: 2018's This Ole Boy EP and 2019's Where to Find Me EP and Hixtape, Vol. 1, the latter a set of collaborations with some country star friends. Both of his singles reached the Top 40 on the country charts.

Hardy is due out on the road with Thomas Rhett this summer, for Rhett's 2020 Center Point Road Tour. The start of that trek has been delayed, however, due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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