This week up in Milford, boys and girls have been going to a super cool summer camp put on by the Maine Youth Fish and Game Association. They've been learning some serious outdoor skills, that a lot of kids these days seem less interested in. Sometimes the importance seems to be more on smartphones and video games, rather than getting out an enjoying nature.

According to NewsCenterMaine, these kids have been perfectly happy with putting down the smartphone or the game controller, and engaging in some real life skill training. But also, they're interfacing several times a day with actual game wardens. This is important because if these kids grow into any of the skills they learn at this camp, then they'll undoubtedly interact with wardens in the future.

This way, kids learn to appreciate the wardens and what they do, deepening their respect for nature, and the law. But these wardens come through and teach them things about fly-fishing, trapping, identifying insects, and other extremely useful exercises.

Also, since they're a non-profit group, they want to make sure that folks know, they're not in the business of turning away anyone who wants to go to their camp. They will work with any family to provide this experience. Be it reduced price, or scholarship money.

If you think this experience sounds awesome, and you think your child might enjoy this, the registration opens every year in March. Definitely cruise through their website, and see what they have to offer. And you can register right here.

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