Gretchen Wilson has selected "Summertime Town" as the second single from her newest album, Ready to Get Rowdy. Readers can press play below to hear the new track.

Released via Redneck Records, "Summertime Town" is an upbeat, harmonica- and steel guitar-laced song that compares a romance to the titular summertime town: "I don't wanna be your summertime town / Where the beaches close up when the sun, it goes down / If you ain't into stayin', honey, I ain't hangin' 'round ..." Wilson wrote the track with Rob Hatch and Bridgette Tatum.

"Sometimes a song idea is as simple as a great title,” Wilson says in a release. “When you picture a summertime town in your head, you begin to imagine the romance and the heartache that could be attached to a place like that.”

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Following a years-long, self-imposed hiatus from the music business, Wilson released Ready to Get Rowdy on June 16; she wrote or co-wrote all 12 of its songs, and co-produced the project.

“I feel like everything got wore out, not just vocally, but I, just physically, got wore out, and I needed a little time off,” Wilson says of her time away. “How fortunate am I? Not too many people get to go, ‘I’m going to stay home with my kid for two years’ — not a lot of people get to do that — so I feel very fortunate that I got to do that. But that time gave me the want-to to get creative, too … It gave me time to think.”

"Summertime Town" follows "Rowdy" as the second single from Ready to Get Rowdy.

Listen to Gretchen Wilson's "Summertime Town"

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