This is it. The last few days of the 2013 Eastern Maine Basketball Tournament are upon us, as players battle their way to the State Championships once more. It's a time that's filled with lots of joy and disappointment for coaches, players and fans alike. So many memories will be created as we're into the final days of the Bangor (The Mecca) Auditorium, as crews will soon begin the dismantling of the old to make way for the new.

Although I played sports as a kid, I never played on my high school team, the Presque Isle Wildcats. I have, however, sat in the auditorium many a season and cheered on teams from many towns. And in all those times I just couldn't help but feel badly for those that lost their games--some by a mere point. So close and yet so far.

And it seems like every year there are Cinderella teams who get into the tournament by the 'skin of their teeth,' and they somehow ending up taking it most of, if not all the way. And when it happens, I wonder where that energy and inspiration comes from to propel them to new heights. You really can't help but cheer on the underdog, and this year we've got some.

Here's a speech that I hope you'll pass on to the tourney players. Tell them to dig deep. Victory is yours if you're willing to fight through the frustration and the pain. Remember, you can't get these days back, but you sure can make a mark while you're living them.

Best of luck, tourney players, from all of us at Townsquare Media.