The evidence is in. Fewer smoke now then used to smoke, even a few years ago. But not if you count e-cigarettes and vaping.

However, 1 in 10 Americans smoke cigarettes. So that means over 30 million smokers in our country.

For those who want to quit, tomorrow is the day that the American Cancer Society has your back.

Obviously the American Cancer Society has your back no matter what day you want to quit, but tomorrow the focus is on not waiting any longer.

Most feel that one day they are going to quit smoking. So the urgency is to make tomorrow the day.

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Of those millions that smoke studies show that over two-thirds of them want to quit. Hopefully tomorrow is your day. Or maybe today so that come tomorrow on the day of the Great American Smokeout, you can say ‘Nah I quit already’.

Smoking remains the largest preventable cause of death and illness in the world.

But quitter after quitter will say the first day or two are the most difficult and from then each day becomes easier.

Back to the statistic about smokers in the U.S.

A More Shocking Statistic

About 3 million middle school and high school students reportedly are smokers.  That is a lot of teens and pre-teens.

If tomorrow is the day you or someone you know becomes a quitter, best of luck and you have support waiting for you.

Here is the link to the Great American Smokeout

We'll butt out now.

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