As some of you may have heard, my name is David, and I'm the new host on Maine's and YOUR Q106.5 with the wondrous Cindy Campbell.

I have been in radio for more than 20 years and absolutely love trying to make people laugh.

Your community here in Maine has already been beyond friendly with your hospitality and being so welcoming. My only wish now is to return the favor with smiles in the morning as Cindy and I talk about nonsense and "good news."

I also look forward to sharing the experiences life has afforded me so far (along with hearing yours), and one in particular will be tomorrow of my journey to your unmatched state. I am still in awe of everything I was able to see while driving here from Southern California.

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Being a military brat, I've been able to travel to many places. One thing I am very familiar with is how jaded many of us become by the grandeur of things offered in our local areas.

I by no means mean that with any negative connotation, but you can only enjoy chocolate cake before you have had too much chocolate cake (and we all have a limit). In addition to those aforementioned laughs, maybe I'll be able to remind you of some of the spectacular experiences only offered to you Mainers through the eyes of a rookie who just relocated here.

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I cannot WAIT to get to know you further and look forward to our adventures. Please connect with me on or Talk with you soon.

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