The Old Town Animal Orphanage has hooked up with Blind Faith Tattoo in Bangor, for a pretty cool fundraiser. Blind Faith is taking the theme of two awesome things, pets and Halloween, and bringing them together to help raise money for the OTAO.

You can check out the designs at Blind Faith on Central Street in Bangor, or the Animal Orphanage at 71 Airport Road in Old Town. Once you choose your design, you can make an appointment, and get it done. All transactions must be cash and you must pay when you schedule. 100% proceeds go directly to the OTAO.

It's not like I need to convince anyone to get a tattoo. Pretty much anybody that has a couple is usually willing to get more. But now, you can help all kinds of homeless animals have a place to stay and eventually be adopted. All for the cost of a cool little tattoo that you'd have probably gotten anyway. So get out and support the cause!

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