With the economy booming, and the unemployment rate way down, for the first time in years, it seems like a prime holiday travel weekend. A good segment of us don't have to work Monday, so maybe going to see friends or family out of state seems doable for a change. And just to put a cherry on top, gas prices have come down a bit, making travel seem even more like a good idea.

According to GasBuddy.com, prices here in the Bangor area seem pretty steady. You can find gas as cheap as $2.66 a gallon (cash price). The average seems to be around $2.75, but even that's not too bad. I'm sure we all remember the dark days of gas prices about 7 or 8 years ago, when gas around $4.25 a gallon. So to be looking at prices in the mid-two dollar range doesn't seem that bad.

According to WMTW TV-8, gas prices have been pretty stable over the last year, but we are down 8.1 cents from this time a year ago. I wouldn't necessarily take to the streets celebrating that gas prices have shrunk fantastically, but that's not bad. For some folks, that could mean a few bucks off per tank full.

At any rate, hopefully you have a fantastic holiday weekend with the ones you care about, while we also honor those who have fallen on behalf of our country. We'd be nothing without them. Safe travels!

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