Gary Allan has announced his brand-new single, "Do You Wish It Was Me?" The song shipped to radio on Monday (May 23) and goes for adds on June 13, with a digital on-sale date of June 10.

Allan co-wrote "Do You Wish It Was Me?" with Jonathan Singleton and Andrew Dorff; he also co-produced the song with Greg Droman. Instead of a studio band, Allan used his longtime touring band on the recording, which always adds an extra-special dynamic.

"Do You Wish It Was Me?" is self-explanatory by its title, but it's also a confessional song. The first verse begins, "When your phone rings / When there's a late night knock at your door / When you slow dance / When you hold hands / When you're looking for more," then immediately launches into the powerful and longing chorus: "Do you wish it was me / Waking up next to you / Pouring you your coffee / Making love all night long / Do you ever want me / When the sun don't shine / When the rain pours down / When you reach for somebody / Do you wish it was me?" Toward the end of the song, Allan confesses, "I wish it was you / Saying you're mad at me / One more time."

"I am excited about getting ‘Do You Wish It Was Me?’ out to radio [and] playing it for the fans," Allan says in a press release. Readers can press play below to hear the new single.

Allan recently told The Boot that he self-produced his new disc, the release details of which have not yet been announced. Doing so allows him to get everything that he wants without any arguing; however, there are drawbacks to producing his albums himself.

“The only dislike I have is the amount of pressure it puts on me,” Allan says. “I think, at first, it’s overwhelming, but by the time I get in the middle of it, it’s something I’ve done 100 times, so it’s easy for me to do. But at first, that’s my biggest fear.”

Listen to Gary Allan's "Do You Wish It Was Me?"

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