Here's what Garth Brooks had to say when announcing what he's up to with the Drive-In concerts around the country: “This is a perfect way for us to still get to play music and still follow all the rules we’re under right now.”

I know Evan Paul from Taste of Country Nights wrote about this and the story is on Q1065.FM but we've talked about it a lot on The Q106.5 Morning Show and on Country Music News at 8:20. Drive in concerts. Concerts in your car.

So it’s time for your opinion. Since we have no concerts coming this summer, this seems to be the next best thing, concerts in a car. The drive-in theater concept is a pretty solid idea. But this is a slight twist. 

Garth Brooks isn’t going to be on the stage at the drive-in movie venue. He’ll be where ever, in Nashville, at his house on Longboat Key in Florida, or who knows where to do the concert from a sound stage and satellite deliver it to 300 drive in theaters in America a week from Friday. 

The cost is $100 per car or truck. There will be a limit of six people per vehicle as long as there are seat belts fro everyone. SO what do you think?  Are you going?

More info coming at Noon today on venues. Keep listening to Q106.5.

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