We're not sure what made us laugh harder — hearing Frankie Ballard talk about scaring a sheep during a stage fall, or watching him get super excited about singing the Saved by the Bell theme song. In this video, he does both.

Ballard sat down with Taste of Country's Billy Dukes at 2015 Country Jam and put on an unexpected short performance. After all, country stars need a little break from their own songs, and what's better than singing the theme song to your favorite TV shows? He's done it before with Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and now, he cheeses it up with SBTB. A child of the '80s and '90s, his delivery is pretty much spot-on.

Ballard also showed off his storytelling skills during the interview; he's talked humorously before about his stage fall in Humble, Texas, but he left out the part about how the fall didn't just surprise him, it also scared a sheep.

"I was jumping off the stage," Ballard explains. He was playing a rodeo with cattle shoots in front of the stage, and he wanted to jump over to a VIP section to say hello to fans ... only he miscalculated how far the area was from him. Instead of being an easy jump from stage to the VIP stand, it was actually a very large leap — and a far drop — that he didn't quite make.

"It was like fourteen feet down the cattle shoot, into a sheep pen," reveals the "Sunshine and Whiskey" hitmaker. "There was sheep in the pen while we were rocking. So I went to jump to try and make it into the VIP stand and I didn't quite make it. And I hit the side and I fell all the way down to the bottom and messed up my shoulder pretty bad which I'm still kind of dealing with."

Instead of landing by the crowd, he landed with the animals, who weren't quite as excited to see him.  "You shoulda seen the sheep when I landed in the bottom and a big cloud of dust came up, the sheep were like, 'What is this guy doin' in here man?'" Ballard says, laughing.

The singer will have surgery in December to fix up his shoulder, but in the meantime, he'll keep opening up for Florida Georgia Line on their 2015 Anything Goes tour through October.

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