The views of the Fall foliage took my breath away at this year's Autumn tour, so I put them together in a beautiful video.

It was one of the best days I've spent at the top of the Thomas Hill Standpipe. To start, there were a lot of people there. It was like a party! The foliage was gorgeous and the weather was perfect, allowing us to see all the way to Mt. Katahdin. And then there were a few surprises, like the two bald eagles who chased each other over the downtown area, and the fighter jets that took off from the airport in pairs. Cool!

I wish I'd captured images of the eagles or the fighter jets, but there were so many people there that by the time I got to the rail, it was too late. However, I did get some beautiful pictures of the amazing Fall foliage that I've compiled in a video. If you missed the tour, this is an example of what Bangor looks like from high atop the Standpipe.

I love Autumn!

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