Now who hasn't heard this one from your mother or father during the colder months? "You'll catch the death of a cold if you go out without a jacket!"

Come to find out it's just an old wives' tale. In fact, doctors say that you're more likely to catch a cold indoors rather than out. The reason is that you're in closer contact with people that may be carrying a cold virus. Of course hypothermia is a risk from prolonged exposure to the cold, but a cold virus is something different. So back off mom and dad!

And did you know that there's some truth to the belief that chicken soup will help zap a cold? It's a fact.

There are a number of winter health issues that are just a bunch of...well, you know.

Here's the complete listing : 10 Winter Health Myths Exposed!

And as a bonus feature, here's a cold weather survival video in case you find yourself in a tough spot this winter. Keep in mind that many die every year due to exposure.