An Ellsworth woman whose son is accused of making threats against the high school faces charges after selling off some guns.

19-year-old Michael Allen was arrested after allegedly posting threats on a gaming site, stating that he wanted to shoot people at his high school. The owners of the site contacted the FBI, who notified Ellsworth Police. The teen is charged with felony terrorizing.

Police now say that, before they could execute a search warrant at the home, Allen's mother sold all of the guns in the residence. According to the Ellsworth American, 47-year-old Alice Allen originally told police that she had given the guns to her boyfriend, but later admitted to investigators that she had sold them to him. When police contacted the boyfriend, he said he'd sold all but one, a 9-millimeter handgun, that Allen eventually admitted she had planned to keep.

Police seized a computer and other electronics from the Allen household, along with some paperwork, but investigators say there was no indication of plans for a shooting rampage. They did find that Michael owned at least one gun and had taken a hunter safety course. However, it was clear to police that the room had been thoroughly cleaned before they arrived for the search.

Alice Allen is charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution and is expected to be in court next month.

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