An Ellsworth man who's accused of inappropriate behavior around children in a YMCA bathroom has been declared incompetent to stand trial.

Nicholas Pike, 19,  is accused of crawling naked from under a closed bathroom stall door in the presence of three boys under the age of 12. The incident allegedly happened in September of 2014 at the Mount Desert Island YMCA, although a charge of 'visual sexual aggression against a child' wasn't levied until this year. These cases, according to Ellsworth Police, usually involve an adult sending an explicit photo to a child. Pike is also charged with harassment by telephone or other communication device.

According to the Ellsworth American, Dr. Ann LeBlanc of the Maine Forensic Service has declared Pike incompetent to stand trial. He's been remanded to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services where he will be placed in a facility for observation and treatment. In 30 days, he will be evaluated again to determine whether he's capable of standing trial.

Pike was out on bail when the incident happened at the MDI YMCA. He was previously arrested for stealing a pair of boy's underwear from Walmart.