This time of year, motorists should be on the lookout for turtles in the road. Sadly, each year many turtles are hit by cars. However this story has a happy ending.

An injured turtle was brought to a Bangor veterinary clinic last week. Sadly the turtle was evidently hit by a car. An outer Ohio Street resident noticed the distressed turtle and had it taken to Penobscot Veterinary Services. The clinic has a turtle rehab specialist on-site who determined the snapping turtle likely had a broken neck and brain damage. 

Sadly due to the extent of the injuries, the turtle had to be euthanized. However there was a silver lining. According to a Facebook post by Penobscot Veterinary Services, it turns out the snapping turtle was an expecting mom. Her soon to be laid eggs were saved. The 38 eggs were transported to the Acadia Wildlife Foundation to be raised and hatched. You can see a photo of the rescued eggs here, however we caution you that the photo is mildly graphic.

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, June is turtle nesting season in Maine. Turtles often cross busy roads to get to nesting locations.

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