Food and Wine Magazine rated the best gas station and truck stop food in America.

And the winner is Dysart's Restaurant and Truck Stop on Coldbrook Road in Hermon.

We are lucky we don't have to travel far to visit the #1 place for, as the article says, "gas station brisket to truck stop prime rib, these no-frills eateries serve food worth planning a road trip around."

The article talks about eating "just down the hall from the showers and the lounge and the fast lube".

And also mentions on weekends:

This classic spot has lines out the door and the buzz of satisfied diners, crowded around tables large and small.

Dysart's has been around for decades and decades, and with recognition like a #1 nod from the prestigious Food and Wine magazine, I hope we Mainers are not taking this special place for granted.  If we are, we certainly don't mean to.

Mary Dysart Hartt commented about receiving the recognition, saying:

Dysart’s has made FOODANDWINE’S best gas station food and Truckstop meal.  We’re very proud.
"Everything at Dysart’s, from the baking to the cooking and even the rushed-off-their-feet service, feels intentional like somebody actually gives a damn. When you run a restaurant like that, for as long as Dysart’s has, people come to count on you — truckers, loggers, summer people, local retirees on a fixed income, and everybody else hanging around Maine’s third-largest city."
Congrats to Dysart's for this tip of the cap. And thank you for not only the restaurants and truck and travel stops, but for all you do in the community.

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