The chef that makes those amazing chicken pot pies at Dysart's Restaurant and Truck Stop is gearing up to compete on the Food Network against other truck stop cooks.

I love Dysart's chicken pot pies. The crust is incredible, and the pie is filled with lots of tender chicken, lots of veggies, pulled together with a tasty sauce. They're delicious! Of course, everything at Dysart's is amazing, including the Thanksgiving sandwich, that combines the flavors of everyone's favorite food holiday between two pieces of homemade bread. Yum!

Well now, Dysart's is gaining national recognition as Chef Yaz, who specializes in those two dishes, is scheduled to compete on the Food Network's show 'Chopped.' On March 1st, he'll bring his considerable talents and pit them against other truck stop chefs. The grand prize in the food game show, hosted by Ted Allen, is $10,000! And, of course, bragging rights!

When I heard that the chicken pot pie is one of the Chef's specialities, I could resist but share the bloopers video that originally made the dish famou. Watch as two Dysart's patrons try to record a commercial for that 'buttery, flaky crust.' I mean, don't we all hear those three words whenever we think of that dish? I know I do!

Congratulations and best of luck to Chef Yaz! We're all rooting for you!

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