Dunkin' has announced a change at their stores due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A message from Dunkin' Brands CEO Dave Hoffmann on Dunkin's website outlines the steps the company is taking in response to the coronavirus outbreak. One of those steps is temporarily halting its reusable mug program. If you have a mug you regularly bring into Dunkin' to fill up to start your day, you'll need to leave it at home and use one of Dunkin's cups.

Other steps Dunkin' is taking include increasing the frequency of restaurant cleaning, requiring employees to re-take food safety training and suspending food sampling.

The good news is Dunkin' is looking out for us, because there's not much that's going to stop us from getting our Dunkin' coffee, but until further notice, leave your mug at home and don't expect a Munchkin sample at Dunkin' until this craziness passes.

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