Hey, no chicken for you!

The Maine State Police issued a speeding ticket this past Sunday on the Maine Turnpike to a driver that was cruising along at 127 mph.

Apparently the driver didn't realize that the rest area at the Kennebunk Service Plaza never closes, and is open 24 hours a day.  Although there is definitely something alluring about the chicken at Popeyes when hunger is setting in at 10 o'clock at night.

The posted speed limit on the Maine Turnpike in Wells is 70 mph, and as we break out the calculator and punch of few of it's keys, it tells us that's 57 mph over the limit.  This officially puts this driver into the "hauling ass" category.  No chicken for you!

The post by Maine State Police - Headquarters tells us that "The driver was cited appropriately for the speed."  Wonder how much it cost them?

The information that we found says "Exceeding an absolute speed limit by 30 miles per hour or more is a class E crime. Violators face up to six months in jail, a maximum $1,000 in fines, and license suspension."

Boy, we bet the trooper that pulled this person over scared the hell out of them with the threat of that fine.  That amount of money buys a lot of chicken sandwiches at Popeyes.

Have you had the chicken sandwich at Popeyes?  Neither have we, although a "all-white meat chicken breast fillet, marinated in an authentic blend of Louisiana seasonings, then hand battered and breaded in our all new buttermilk coating" does sound enticing.

We hope that whomever was driving 127 mph learned their lesson and will slow down a little bit the next time they're on the Maine Turnpike.  We also hope that they weren't too bummed to learn that Popeyes at that service plaza is temporarily closed, and that they would have to settle for a chicken sandwich at Burger King.

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