Take a look at the evidence collected by a local paranormal investigation team and your personal experiences in the building and let us know if you think it's haunted or not.

Home of the Penobscot Theatre this building has seen a lot of Bangor's history and holds a lot of its own history. Could it also hold some spirits? Check out the evidence the East Coast Ghost Trackers got when they investigated there after dark!

After surviving the great Bangor fire of 1911 the Bangor Opera House was a total loss after a fatal fire in 1914. The fire killed 2 of the brave firefighters trying to save the building, 5 others were injured. Some claim to see their ghost in the balcony and near the stage. In the video above they show an image captured in the theater that looks very eerie but also looks like it may be a firefighter!

Through history there have been thousands of ghost stories in theaters which makes one wonder why are theaters so haunted? Or are these storytellers just really good actors? It also should be noted a popular act in the theater world is to leave a 'ghost light' on to light up part of the stage in an empty theater.

Another interesting superstition is to never whistle in a theater. Because theatrical rigging has origins from ship rigging similar techniques were used in the early days to signal when to raise or lower backdrops and such. You shouldn't whistle in a theater because you might be accidentally signaling the man above to drop a backdrop which could lead to accidental death. I only mention this because about 8 minutes into the video above you will hear an eerie whistle coming from the theater when no one was in there!

So do you think it is haunted or not? Let us know below or on our Facebook.

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