As each year passes it seems like Disney becomes more unstoppable with new movies, series, park rides, and awesome apparel.

Disney recently rolled out their State Fair Collection featuring t-shirts with each state being represented with a fun Disney character honoring something that makes the state unique.

The New Hampshire t-shirt highlights the fun of the mountains with the saying "Always Climbing Up!" accompanying Mickey Mouse as he climbs atop the granite state.

Massachusetts features the character Pete who is often portrayed as a villain. On this State Fair t-shirt, he's a stereotypical fisherman representing the "State by the Bay".

Rounding out northern New England, Maine, of course, couldn't be represented without a cartoon lobster who just so happens to be pinching Goofy's nose (snout?) along with the caption "The Seaside State". I guess "Vacationland" sounded too much like it would be a section of Magic Kingdom neighboring Tomorrowland.

If you're a big Disney fan and have been dying to return to the parks but settling for some seirous Disney+ binging instead, bring some of the magic home with a State Fair Disney T-Shirt here.

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