Maine summers can be short and sweet, leaving people eager to get outside when the weather is finest as much as they can. That short season isn't just for humans, it's also for insects. Maine is home to plenty of pests, from black flies to ticks to the unofficial "state bird", the mosquito. But there's another pest that doesn't get enough attention for pain they inflict. That would be the horse fly and deer fly and unfortunately for the people of Vacationland, they've emerged early this year.


According to Maine Public, the height of deer or horse fly season in Maine is typically August but because of abnormally warm conditions throughout spring, you'll start to hear the buzzing and see the relentless pursuit of horse and deer flies right now throughout the state. There are more than 300 species of deer or horse fly, and Maine is home to some very specific ones. "Green heads" are common along the coast, while a much larger version can be found inland, sometimes referred to as a "moose fly' because of its size. They all pack a powerful bite and to see it up close is, well, horrifying.

Shared on Reddit by MakeMeSuffer, deer and horse flies use scissor-like mouths to cut directly into your skin. Their saliva serves as an anticoagulant while they suck up all the blood from the vicious wound they've administered. For most people, the bite leaves behind significant swelling and a more fervent itch than a mosquito bite.

One final notch on the deer and horse fly belt that exists is that known insect repellents don't seem to ward them off. Deer and horse flies persistent hunters, willing to bounce off your scalp, hand or back repeatedly before finding the perfect place to strike. In some ways, they are perfect insect hunters.

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