Law Enforcement officials say shooting suspect John Wiliams is still at large and they're asking local residents with game cameras to share their images.

Representatives from Maine law enforcement, the border patrol, out of state agencies, federal law enforcement officials, and others are combing about a 25 square mile patch of woods off the Martin Stream Road in Norridgewock. They're looking for 29-year-old John Williams of Madison, who's suspected of shooting to death Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Corporal Eugene Cole on Wednesday morning. Williams used Cole's cruiser to rob a Cumberland Farms in Norridgewock before abandoning the vehicle in the search area.

Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster said today that officials followed up on 13 calls overnight, most of which involved suspicious activity. Although those leads turned up empty, he asks that residents continue to remain vigilant and report anything they think might be pertinent to the investigation. Today, they're asking that anyone who has game cameras or outdoor surveillance cameras in the areas of Routes 139 and 8 in Norridgewock, contact the Sheriff's department or notify officials at the command post in that town so their footage/images can be examined.

Corporal Cole's widow asked Sheriff Lancaster to share a message that's aimed at the man who's accused of killing her husband.  Mrs. Cole urged Mr. Williams to turn himself in or at least reach out to law enforcement. She assured him that, if he does, he will be treated with the same respect Corporal Cole would have shown him, had he been given the chance.

John Williams is still considered armed and very dangerous. The FBI has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest, but stresses that anyone who thinks they may see him, should NOT approach him 911 , but call 911 immediately.

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