Here’s how nice Carrie Underwood is, if there was ever any doubt.  You’d think that Nashville would be ultra competitive, and it is.  It could be ‘catty’.  But not Carrie Underwood. She send gifts to Maren Morris for her son Hayes. An embroidered, personalized soft baby blanket and a burp cloth with elephants.

And a little something for Maren too. Maren answered on instagram.

"Thanks @carrieunderwood for these sweet baby gifts for Hayes (and the wine)," a smiling face emoji surrounded by hearts.

The Bones" spent 12 weeks at No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs surpassing a record that Taylor Swift previously held for the most weeks a song from a female country solo artist.

How to go Maren…and Carrie.

Here’s the back story on the song Done told to Taste of Country.

Chris Janson says it’s his favorite song that he's ever written, but it was actually co-writer Mitch Oglesby who came up with the idea.

During a songwriting session, Oglesby pointed out that Janson says "done and done" often when he's serious about something, so he urged him to try to write a song that uses that phrase. Immediately the singer thought of his wife Kelly and they day they met.

They met in a smoky basement dive bar where Chris was shooting pool and she walked down the stairs.  He watched her all evening and said done and done I’m marrying her.  Her advice was to take song writing serious, it’s not just a hobby.  And that inspired him to write for an entire year, 7 days a week.  And his career came together.  And so did they.

And if you’re one who says wearing a mask isn’t cool, and you might wear one if you had a good looking unique one,

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