What I meant in the headline guys was that it's time for you to grow a beard. I've tried it a few times, and quite frankly, I'm just as well off duct-taping a porcupine to my chin. My beard is too course for my wife to enjoy, let alone me.

I've always envied those manly men that had the patience to grow and groom that hairy work of art. It does take a lot of time. I found that I spent more time trimming and digging the food out of it and it out of my food than I cared for.

I even tried some on-line suggestions to making it softer by applying Almond Oil and Jo-Jo Ba Oil (pronounced ho-ho-bah) on a daily basis. It did nothing except attract curious insects and squirrels looking for a cache of nuts. But I digress.

I thought of beard growing on the way in to work on my motorcycle as my chin got cold from the cool morning air, and it just so happened that I stumbled across a video from the reigning 'Beard Champion of the World.' I know, I didn't knowt here was one either. His name is Jack Passion, and he's got one awesome beard.

Watch the video and take some notes as you begin to sprout yours for the upcoming winter months.