Clouds of dyed cornstarch were flying on the Bangor waterfront for Color Bangor, the biggest annual fundraiser for the American Folk Festival.

It was a beautiful morning for the color run, with plenty of sunshine but temperatures just cool enough to make it comfortable. Lots of folks showed up to support the festival and to get coated in colored cornstarch.

My part, for the day, consisted of standing in one place, next to some other members of the local media, while we allowed some enthusiastic kids to pelt us with color. This is my third year taking part, and I've been purple and green in past pelts. Today's color was very feminine and the young lady who did the honors really listened when I told her not to be shy about thoroughly covering me.

The video shows the celebrity pelt after mine, with some new victims. But the 'before' and 'after' shots will show you how well I fared during my pelt. It was a lot of fun, including when I drove through Dunkin Donuts in Orrington after the event to get iced coffee. Just call me Pink!

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