As we slip and slide around icy Maine today, here's a good reminder from the Maine CDC on winter wardrobe and mask-wearing.

From the Maine CDC Facebook Page

Wear your scarf, ski mask, or balaclava over your mask to protect yourself and others from COVID-19
Winter face coverings are not substitutes for masks. Wear a mask correctly and consistently.
 Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol before putting on a mask.
 Do not touch the mask when wearing it.

I actually LOVE wearing my mask outside this winter because it's WARM. Add that scarf over that mask and you will be toasty and safe. COVID rates are going down, people are getting vaccinated and there's hope in the air. Now is the time to stay the course so we can all be together at concerts, bars, and family gatherings in 2021. You're doing great Maine---keep it up!

It's so important to get outside and enjoy the rugged Maine winter. It's good for the mind, body, and spirit. We just need to do it safely when it comes to winter gear-whether you're on a Maine ski mountain or just making a snowman with the kids in the front yard!





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