We've all heard tall tales about women's pregnancy cravings, but in some cases those stories aren't embellished. Clay Walker recently admitted in an interview that he came in between his wife and one of her cravings -- and he definitely regrets that decision.

"She's having Thin Mints on the couch the other night," he told The Boot, "and I asked her for one and she threw them at me, the whole bag, because it was the last bag."

In Walker's defense, he didn't realize that she was eating the last box of her favorite Girl Scout cookie. But really, can you blame her for being annoyed?

"I've learned never to ask a pregnant woman for one of her cookies."

Walker's wife, Jessica Craig, is carrying the couple's third child. After three rounds of pregnancy, she deserves to give in to those cravings. The couple already has a son and a daughter, and they've decided to wait until the baby is born this summer to find out what sex it is.

"We don't know what we've having," says Walker, 43. "That's an exciting thing to look forward to."

In addition to helping his wife maintain a healthy pregnancy, Walker is busy promoting his first book, 'Jesus Was a Country Boy: Life Lessons on Faith, Fishing and Forgiveness.'

The book's title was drawn from one of the country star's previous singles, and it's meant to encourage others in their faith by demonstrating how Walker's personal relationship with God helped him get through some difficult times.

Walker is also in the studio recording a follow-up album to his 2010 record 'She Won't Be Lonely Long.' The album will be done in about a month, but there's no word yet on when it will be released.

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